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And so it goes…

And so it is.  This life is such that fleeting moments are oft overlooked. Unaware as we are, that distractions become the essence of living and, when we are not distracted, boredom settles into our bones… at a young age, I had established a vision of “what it is to be thirty.”  As such, this imaginary dreadful vision proceeded as thus… that some mature level of cohesion and self-affirmed career obligations might be realized and achieved – with or without the hands of matrimony and child.  Closer to death. Accomplished. Aged. Removed from youthful tendencies… enlightened, even? The end of the 20s –  a decade of living that inevitably is defined, for me, by travel, adventure, honesty, love.  The pursuit of Hill Farmstead. Brewing. Airplanes. Painting houses. Dylan. Europe. Tom Robbins. An enthusiastic departure into a world of all things ‘fine’ and ‘beyond’ (beer, food, thought). Localization. Vermont. Obsession. Damon. Family. And a tendency to drown in the undercurrent of romance until finally I resurface for breath and life once again… only to be pulled down under.  

The 20s were perfect. And, at four days into 30, I am convinced that the 30s will be even better…

And, let me just state that I can’t stop listening to Bon Iver… and I’m blown away, captured, can’t put it down… Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts…

My fermenters are on the road from Seattle to Vermont – solenoids and temperature control panels included. 

My brother is remodeling our house and the former garage.  Funds from investors should be deposited in the coming month.  Wastewater permit will be in the mail within the next week.  Environmental permit not far behind.  The state of VT is going to allow me to have a small retail space at my brewery location – which will make the release of barrel aged and experimental bottlings much more enjoyable.

And, I may have even found a full time brewing gig to carry me away for several months while preparing and launching the farmstead.  An auspicious turn of events (for me, at least) has led to a change of plans for a new brewpub startup ‘somewhere’ in New England – and, accordingly, if all falls into place, shall allow me an opportunity for promised creative freedom and barrel aging… and an opportunity to be instrumental in the launching of a potentially premiere establishment.  More to come… 

Meanwhile, here in Bryghuset, coming up: the bottles have arrived for the barrel aged beer series and I will begin bottling these beers soon. Right after I call Peter Zien and ask him for advice on how to bottle condition my Imperial Stout.  The end of June should see the release of these beers – Funky Viking (sour brown), Saison Vermont/Lambic Blend, Port Seven, Bordeaux Seven, and three different versions of Little Korkney Barleywine – Cognac, Bourbon, and Port.  Several brews ahead of me, as well, throughout the summer.  Another batch of Hill Pale Ale, Skargaards Porter, and Brown Ale will allow me to prop the yeast necessary for brewing a small and very fresh batch of North Bridge Extreme, Triple Knot (bigger version of Double Knot – the collaboration with Nøgne Ø – only to be aged in Cognac and Port), another batch of Seven (to leave with Kasper and the gang here…) – potentially in a Bourbon edition, and a strong Sølbær (Black Currant) sour beer aged in Cabernet barrels.  I’ll also be returning to Svaneke Bryghus, in Bornholm, sometime before August to brew a beer with my very good friend Jan Paul.  Perhaps one more brew with Jacob at Amager – a weekend trip to Cologne/Bonn – a weekend road trip to Belgium with some friends – and one more collaborative beer at Nørrebro and then… going away party on August 2nd at a secret location. Whirlwind. =)