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Edward goes to Philadelphia…

I’m not sure if my grandfather ever made it to Philadelphia (I have a lurking suspicion that he probably didn’t make it much further south than Connecticut…)  but the beer that is now his namesake, our American Pale Ale, is en route to Philadelphia.  This is our first shipment of beer outside of the Vermont marketplace (our next shipment to Denmark will leave at the end of July) and the entire shipment of 38 kegs is sold out before it even hits the city.  Look for our beer at some of the following (but look quickly, because each place only received 5 gallons of beer…)

For example: Monk’s Cafe, Memphis Taproom, Capone’s, Craft Ale House, Devil’s Den, Earth Bread + Brewery, Grey Lodge, Eulogy, Local 44, Teresa’s… and so forth.

Back here in Vermont – we have hit a bottleneck at the brewery and were unable to brew this week.  Our new Porter went into Brandy and Bourbon barrels yesterday and the Wheat Saison will be keg conditioned this afternoon and hit the draft lines in the brewery next week.  We have just one 5 gallon keg remaining of Abner, about 15 gallons of James, and 15 gallons of Citra.  Sorachi Ace single hop will be dry hopped this afternoon and should be released in about 2 weeks…

We are working on plans for expanding into a brewpub as well as opening a brewpub in Southern/Central Vermont.  Will people drive to socialize? Will they sit down at our farmstead and enjoy a glass of beer?  To be determined…