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Things falling into place: Barrels, Brewdown, and Brewery

Yet another much overdue post.  Things are falling into place for Hill Farmstead Brewery – after many years of visualization and concerted effort, it appears that momentum and rhythm are finally leading toward an epoch.  Whether or not this new era will see brewing activity at 403 Hill Road, is yet to be determined.  However, gauging by the last three weeks, I think it is fair to assume that I am moving forward… toward… something.

I have purchased six 7 barrels fermenters which should arrive in Vermont sometime within the next few weeks.  Thankfully, my father and brother will be there to receive them.  I am still searching for a 7 barrel kettle and burner – but, again, I am sure that things will continue to fall into place (can you sense the optimism?).  Here is a picture of one of the new fermenters:

Fortunately, I am also blessed with wonderful and ambitious friends.  Due to their ambition and generosity, there is also a 10 barrel Mash Tun, formerly belonging to my very good friend John Kimmich and his Alchemist brewpub, resting in my garage back home.  10 barrel mash tun, seven barrel kettle,… Nice.  Reminds me of Tom Baker and Heavyweight Brewing Company – Tom used to have a 15 barrel mash tun for a 7 barrel kettle. Certainly a great many options here.  Mike went into the Alchemist on a weekend morning and did the dirty deed of removal. Pretty awesome – that’s Mike with the sunglasses and water hose:

I am still working on raising the remaining the capital (any takers?) and the business plan is polished, initial brewing and release line-up planned, and the financial projections actually show that I could earn a living!   Imagine…
In more news, I am continuing to place more beer into oak at Nørrebro.  Current oak aging includes Imperial Skargaards Porter in Cabernet barrels, Triple de Lente in Sauterne, CCC in Pinot and Merlot, Saison in Pinot, Oud Bruin, and SEVEN in Port and Bordeaux.  Within the next few weeks several more beers will be added to the mix. 
More pictures of the barrel aging room will be posted soon.  Some of these beers – especially the blended Saison/Drie Fonteinen beer, will debut at the Copenhagen beer festival next month.  I’m still trying to source 375ml champagne bottles for the bottling of the SEVEN and Oud Bruin.  
In other news – I will soon begin mailing out invitations to this year’s Backwoods Brewdown. If you don’t know what this is, or haven’t heard about it, then perhaps you should come out and join us this year…the picture that opens this entry is a fantastic photo taken by Alex at last year’s event.  
Lastly, for now, I’m going home next week and will be in Boston the following week for the Craft Brewer’s Conference. My first Craft Brewer’s Conference and I’m anticipating spending some evenings with my friends at the Publick House as well as attending a few great seminars and making more contacts with fellow brewers and industry suppliers.  Also, equally exciting, I’m going to be a judge at next year’s GABF.  With my 30th birthday just six weeks away… things seems to be moving in the right direction.