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Dorothy: Barrel-Aged

Farmstead® Dry-Hopped Ale Aged in Wine Barrels

Dorothy (1921 – 1994). This wine barrel-aged version of our dry-hopped, Farmstead® pale ale is conditioned in oak barrels for 9 months prior to bottle conditioning. Crafted from American malted barley, malted wheat, New Zealand and American hops, our distinctive yeast blend and water from our well, this beer is dry hopped prior to packaging and naturally bottle conditioned.

Ancestral Series
7.5% ABV
Wine Barrel Aging Method


Edward’s sister’s namesake beer is produced from American malted barley; malted wheat; New Zealand and American hops; our distinctive yeast blend; and water from our well. For this 2019 blend, we decided to marry the characteristics of Barrel-Aged Dorothy with one of our favorite beers of recent memory: Barrel-Aged Table Dorothy. The lineage of these barrels goes back as far as 2012 and includes some of our most cherished beers, including Flora, Samuel, Civil Disobediences 6 and 14, Art. After a year of restful and considered bottle conditioning, this beer is now ready for release.