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Charlie: Plum

Low-Alcohol Farmstead® Ale Aged on Organic Plum Pomace

On a whim (indeed, in the spirit of Charlie), we moved a portion of his namesake low-alcohol (2% abv) Farmstead® ale onto a few hundred pounds of pomace from organically grown plums, grown by nearby Elmore Roots and which had given up its initial fruit bounty to Plum: 2020 Harvest. After some time in contact with the spent fruit, we bottled the beer, allowing it to develop more complexity of flavor and spritely carbonation. The result is buoyant, effervescent, and fruit-forward, capturing the playful spirit of our neighborly Golden Retriever, the delicate richness of the fruit, and our continuing efforts to produce offerings that exemplify conscious consumption.

Ancestral Series
03/16/22 Release Date
2.0% ABV
Plum Pomace, Whimsy Adjuncts
Foudre Aging Method