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Low-Alcohol Farmstead® Ale

A lively, cheerful, low-alcohol Farmstead with a touch of playfulness.

Charlie, our faithful, loving, and steadfast companion. A golden retriever of renown, he effortlessly adopted everyone on Hill Road and beyond. Tail wagging and tongue lolling, Charlie never failed to charm.

He was a cheerful rogue who approached without prejudice or judgment—a furry foreman who monitored all construction, managed events, and kept dutiful watch over his roads and wayward tacos.

From the smallest children to the biggest personalities, he had boundless joy and love to share… especially if you may chance to drop some food.

Charlie was a constant. Rain, snow, or sunshine, he would ramble his way across the field from his house to the brewery with his characteristic cheerful demeanor. 

Ancestral Series
2.0% ABV
Whimsy Adjuncts


Please note, there is a typo on the label containing an extra character ("7"). Correct packaging date is April 28, 2021.

Draft: 1.7% abv
Bottle: 2.0% abv