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21-23 April: Civil Disobedience Blend 31 • Soignée: Cherry/Raspberry

Over the course of the last decade, Civil Disobedience, our series of blended, barrel-aged Farmstead® ales has provided us with a constant and curious source of creative companionship, reminding us of the unpredictable, often serendipitous nature of beer in oak. Each blend represents a contemplative, intentional benediction to potentiality—paired with an embrace of the anarchistic nature of microbial activity. Since the first Civil Disobedience release in Summer 2011, these blends have become, ever more, an engagement with surrender. Each has provided us with an opportunity to learn about and “practice” this waning artform that is bottle conditioning.

Blend 31 receives its moniker and label this week. This numbering is a designation determined by happenstance, patience, and how we anticipate the trajectory of each in our unlabeled archive. This assemblage comprises nine beers conditioned in wine barrels and puncheons for spans between 4 and 15 months. Packaged in May 2018, the hopeful maturation of this blend has required nearly three years in the bottle. The result, much like Blend 30, is a delicate, complex, pleasantly tart expression of time, barrel, and nature that will achieve for several more years. Given its long conditioning time and lively effervescence, we recommend presenting this at 40ºF/4ºC.

Also available this coming week is a new expression of our ongoing relationship with local farmers, organic fruit, and the various methods of usage. The most recognizable candidate for this commission has been Brother Soigné, our Farmstead® ale brewed with blood orange, lime, and hibiscus. We take a small amount of this base beer and age it atop pomace—in this instance, cherry and raspberry. The result becomes Soignée.

We will have fresh cans of our German-style Pilsner, Mary, available in the curbside retail shop, along with our German-style Helles, Marie, and a range of bottles to go, including Juicy, Anna: Pear, and Edith.

Our retail page has all the details for curbside ordering. Please contact our team at [email protected] with questions.