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Debuts for the Week of 14-16 April

Spring has arrived in its splendor to our corner of the world, and we have been cheered by both the return of the sun’s warmth and so many of your smiling eyes this first week back. 

This coming week, three new offerings will make their arrival:

Anna: Pear 

With the arrival of each harvest season, we are presented with the opportunity to curate the pairing of incoming fruits with select barrels of beer, guided by the goal of elevating both by assemblage. This batch of Anna’s namesake beer was aged just over six months in wine barrels and then conditioned further on a blend of Siberian pears and a few local varieties of dessert pears—Stacy, Luscious, Summercrisp, and Nova—all organically grown by Elmore Roots Nursery in nearby Elmore, Vt. It is a delicate, expressive representation of Vermont’s summer and annual autumn harvest

Juicy 2019 (750ml)

With more than a year’s time conditioning in the bottle, Juicy will make its appearance anew. This particular batch was conditioned in wine barrels with our resident microflora for over eight months before being dry-hopped with a plethora of personally selected hops from New Zealand—a place that holds a powerful and special magnetism. The landscape, the agriculture, and the spirited reflection of its inhabitants deeply inspire the expression shared within each bottle. 


To honor the memory of Edward’s sister, this dark Farmstead® ale is produced from American malted barley, German roasted malts, European hops, our farmhouse yeast, and water from our well. After resting and harmonizing in our puncheons, this batch has been bottle conditioning for over six months. 

Details for curbside ordering can be found HERE. Please contact our team at [email protected] with questions. 

Debuts for the Week of 14-16 April