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Biere de Norma 2017

In the spring of 2017, we began a comprehensive experiment in bottle conditioning observation and education. We chose a number of Farmstead® ales that we felt would most benefit from extended conditioning in bottle. This project symbolizes our commitment to shepherding each along its appropriate journey towards achievement—regardless of the time frame necessitated, guided by the whim and whimsy of the natural process. 


Biere de Norma was self-evident within our selections.

Norma (1939 – 2011) was Shaun’s maternal grandmother, a woman who nourished the laughter and innocence of youth and whose very presence provided comfort and solace. On the weekend of her passing in early 2011, Shaun set forth to honor her memory with a unique and singular beer—a Biere de Mars conditioned in oak barrels with our resident microflora—which would offer the endearing promise of complexity, warmth, and longevity. 

Over the course of the last decade-plus, this beer has demonstrated a distinct aptitude for ascending evolution during extended aging. The particular shape of this beer lends itself to a substantive breadth of time to savor at various moments within its existence. 

Packaged in 2017, this bottling has been optimistically observed as part of our ongoing extended bottle-conditioning experiment. The path of its development has run in parallel with Ann,  Prolegomena, and Works of Love: Monk’s Blend, and has surpassed our expectations. We project that its maturation will continue to enhance and sustain for a decade or more.

After a stretch of nearly six years observation, this emergence of her namesake beer continues to exhibit celestial finesse, prolonged determination, and a delightful, captivating liveliness that most lovingly conjures the memory of Norma herself.  

One of our absolute favorite beers, Norma can be cellared with confidence for many years to come. 

glass pour of Norma