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Retail Update for 22 February 2023

Biere de Norma • Song of Joy • Double Motueka • Society & Solitude #5

We mark the imminent arrival of March with our barrel-aged Bière De Mars, Biere de Norma, and much in the spirit of a few other recent releases, this too has wound a particular and lengthy journey from 2017. A much-expanded look at this offering and its path from genesis to glass will follow separately.

Biere de Norma

This burgundian Farmstead® Ale has been conditioned in our oldest continually used oak barrels (2011!)  with our resident microflora for over a year. These barrels are only ever used and reserved for Norma. Bottled in 2017, we have closely observed its passage as part of an ongoing extended bottle-conditioning experiment, now spanning six years. This has exceeded our expectations and continues to exhibit a celestial finesse and prolonged determination previously unrevealed. As we have found recently with Ann,  Prolegomena, and Works of Love: Monk’s Blend, this offering of Biere de Norma has benefited both substantially and subtly from such intentional patience; this beer, in particular, though, exhibits surpassing characteristics of longevity, which we project will continue to sustain for a decade or more.

Freshly Packaged Cans

A triumvirate of hoppy offerings returns to our can coolers and draft lines this week:

  • Song of Joy is our occasional hoppy American lager, brewed with a blend of hops including Amarillo®, Centennial, Chinook, and Simcoe® hops in the nature of an IPA, yet fermented with lager yeast. First brewed in 2015, Song of Joy continues to make infrequent appearances in our lineup—whenever the spirit moves us.
  • Double Motueka features personally selected Motueka hops grown and processed by Freestyle Hops, our agricultural partner in Upper Moutere, New Zealand.
  • Society & Solitude #5 is our American Imperial IPA brewed with hops from the Pacific Northwest and New Zealand

Visit our retail shop and taproom for more details and an updated list of drafts, bottles, and cans, including selections to enjoy in our taproom by the glass.