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Retail Update for 1 March 2023

Dharma Bum • Direct-to-Consumer a la Carte

We’ve received what we wryly refer to as “conversational snow” around here—despite the forecasts of a significant snow event—so we’re enjoying the freshening up of the hillsides and a momentary return to winter proper! In that spirit, we’ll welcome the return of Dharma Bum, our Simcoe® single hop IPA, and we’ll offer a rotating and whimsical selection of vintage barrel-aged stouts and porters throughout the week in our taproom by the glass pour to warm our guests. We’ll also offer another round of a la carte, direct-to-consumer ordering for home delivery in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia.

Dharma Bum

In the spring of 2017, we introduced Dharma Bum, a single-hop IPA that showcased Simcoe®, one of the foundational hops from the brewery’s inception. Found in many of our hoppy beers, as well as making occasional appearances in our Farmstead® ales, this oftentimes serves as a keystone hop from which we develop new beers and buttress the strengths of other hops within a blend. Featuring our 2022 Simcoe® hop selection on its own allows its complexity to shine.

Accompanying Dharma Bum in cans this week will be Song of Winter, Song of Joy, Of First & Last Things, Marie, Society & Solitude #5, and Double Motueka. In addition, our bottle shop offerings will include Biere de Norma, Anna, Arthur, Florence, Nonconformist 06, Fear & Trembling, Dorothy, Plum Harvest 2021, Convivial Suarez, Clara, and Charlie.

Build-Your-Own 6-Bottle Box 

Next week, we will offer another round of direct-to-consumer shipments for residents of Vermont, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., once again, as a la carte ordering. 

On Tuesday, 28 February, we will make available a build-your-own six-bottle box of our bottled Farmstead® ales to be delivered to your home. Click over to our webshop ( for all the information and specific offerings within this round!

Dharma Bum Can