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Curbside for Christmas Week 2020

 As the Christmas week approaches, we will have abbreviated hours for our curbside pick-up operation:

  • Weds. and Thurs. 11 – 5
  • Fri.  and Sat., Closed 

Edward (brewed with organically grown base malt)

As part of our Conscience+Commerce journey, we acknowledge the paradoxical nature of modern commerce and continue to examine ways—both internal and external—through which we make considered choices that may result in the smallest impact on our planet while encouraging the most wholesome social, global, and local outcomes.

Since the first base malt analysis and selection in Shaun’s kitchen in 2009, there has long been a desire and intention to use solely organically grown malts.  Eleven years ago, many barriers prevented us from being able to launch with this goal.  The price point (nearly 1$ a pound!), transport limitations (bags via road system), and repeatable consistency of high-quality organic base malt have not been made available to us until this Autumn. With this in mind, this week’s fresh cans of Edward present us with the first opportunity to use (and your first opportunity to taste!) wholly organic base malt in our beer. We are still working on securing guaranteed contracts and hope to secure a sufficient supply of this organic blended base malt in order to shift virtually all of our production. We will continue seeking out relationships that align with our enduring, long-term vision.

2018 Arthur Magnums

In the spirit of the holiday season, we will also make available a small number of 1.5L magnums of Arthur. These bottles have been conditioning since December 2018, and this will be the first time that any magnums with this packaging date are released.

Our to-go selections will include Self-Reliance: Pacifica and Self-Reliance: Citra®; Anna Plum; Fear & Trembling; Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup; and much more.

Our retail shop page has complete details for curbside ordering. Order directly with the Order Food button.

We continue to follow our State’s safety guidelines and appreciate your respectful observance of the requirements. Find details at ACCD’s website. Please contact our team at [email protected] with questions.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.

drone curbside at night