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For the Week of 2-4 September 2020

For the week leading up to Labor Day Weekend, 2-4 September, we will offer a new entry in our Self-Reliance series, along with fresh cans of Mary, Society & Solitude #11, and… Susan!

Self-Reliance: Southern Cross

Amongst the canon of his work, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s concise but powerful “Self-Reliance” inspires and compels us to engage in perennial introspection: reflect, examine, and refine. We encourage you to join us and take the opportunity this weekend to read the essay—it’s fewer than two dozen pages! You can find a PDF for free HERE.

To that end, we present you with our Self-Reliance series of Farmstead® single-hop India pale ales. This release features hand-selected, 2019 crop Southern Cross hops from Freestyle Farm—our agricultural partner in Upper Moutere, New Zealand—and was conditioned in oak puncheons before bottling.

New Cans

Mary and Society & Solitude #11 return to the curbside this week. This particular batch of Mary (much like the previous can release of Marie) benefits from an extended lagering, one which has provided enhanced roundedness, balance, and palatability following four months of lagering at -1º C. With this perspective now gained, we will honor and observe more closely the Old World European custom of extended lagering. It’s plain that the benefits are appreciable.

It’s also the can debut of Susan, our American IPA. Susan was Edward’s sister, and in her honor, we offer this version of an American IPA, brewed with a selection of hops from the Yakima Valley, Riwaka hops from New Zealand, our ale yeast, and water from our well. First brewed in 2012, this entry into our ancestral series was one of the few American IPAs to feature the Riwaka hop variety. Subsequently, it became a fixture in our growler and draft line-up. The challenges in obtaining Riwaka prompted a spontaneous yet auspicious visit to the newly formed Freestyle Farm in 2016—at which time, Shaun and Dave Dunbar forged a future partnership.

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We thank you for observing the ongoing travel guidelines and keeping Vermont safe!

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