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Onsite Ordering Update for 29 November

This week in our retail operation brings the release of Samuel, and also marks a formal “welcome back” to our Canadian guests in offering a singular opening of hours on Saturday 12/4. 

In order to accommodate our international visitors and to facilitate a smooth and equitable release of Samuel, we are permanently modifying our Toast online ordering system in a few minor ways that will be beneficial for all our guests. Here is what you need to know:

  • The store now goes live at 7 a.m.
  • Orders are now “reserved” and paid upon pick-up, rather than paid in advance
  • A credit card and matching ID are always required for a pick-up

The online ordering store will look exactly the same as it has. However, the store will go live at 7:00 a.m., instead of the usual 5:00 a.m. We will allocate a specific number of bottles for each retail day this coming week, so even if Samuel sells out one day, additional bottles will be available via online pre-order the following morning. Online order reservations are for the same day only; if you order on Wednesday, you will need to pick-up your bottle that same day (we cannot hold bottles). 

We are modifying our online ordering system so that you will now pay when you arrive, rather than when you checkout online. In essence, you are now “reserving” your beer, in advance, and we will fulfill your order when you arrive for pick-up. Because Toast does not work reliably for Canadian and international credits cards, we are making a modification that will work the same for everyone.

You’ll add items to your cart and will then “check-out” by providing your identifying information and completing your order. You will receive a confirmation email with a check number and an itemized receipt that will show the total dollar amount that you will owe, upon arrival, for your order. Please confirm that you received this email, otherwise you did not finalize your order! 

Bring your credit card and matching ID to the Bottle Shop for your pick-up at any time we are open on the same day you placed the order (no need to line-up at opening!). Please note: we do not allow proxy pick-ups, so if you do reserve an order, you need to be the one to pick-it-up. 

When you arrive, it would help us to have your order number ready. We will look up your order, and if you’d like to add any additional items, you’re welcome to do so. We will verify your ID and process your payment for your final, entire order at this time, resulting in only one transaction and only one charge to your account, instead of multiple transactions. 

We hope that these slight changes continue to refine our bottle shop process while allowing Canadian and international visitors to reserve beer the same way our other guests can do.

Thanks in advance for your support this week; we look forward to seeing you all!

-Mike + Hill Farmstead