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Pennsylvania and Virginia Home Delivery Offer for January 2021

As we look toward our upcoming respite from the daily operations here at Hill Farmstead, we would like to offer a small selection of beers for home delivery in Pennsylvania and Virginia. This will allow some of you, from afar, the inaugural and chance opportunity to have our beer delivered legally and directly to your homes. We will explore additional shipping opportunities after we reopen in April, but this series of shipments will help inform how we approach home delivery in the coming years. 

Due to the anticipated demand and limited availability, as well as to ensure as equitable and smooth a sale as possible, we ask those of you in Pennsylvania and Virginia who are interested in purchasing to use the simple registration form on our site between now and Sunday, 10 Jan. Our web host, Craftpeak, will randomly draw names from the entries submitted and contact potential buyers directly on the morning of Monday, 11 Jan., with purchase instructions.

If your state regulations do not currently allow for direct-to-consumer shipments of beer from out of state, please consider writing to your local representatives and demanding change. Unfortunately, there are only a few states that allow this licensing. In 2013, we led the change to Vermont’s statutes, allowing shipping of beer, hoping that it might lead to a reciprocal and level playing field in which our beer could benefit from the same direct access to consumers as wine. In a better future, we hope for an expansion of legal methods that will allow us to provide a different means of equitable access to a distributed audience.

Visit for complete information and instructions. 

Thank you for your continued support!


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