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Upcoming Releases for 8-11 July

For the coming week of 8-11 July, cans of What is Enlightenment? and Double Citra will return for curbside pick-up, along with a limited amount of Three Magic Letters, Marie, and Walden. We will also release a new iteration of our Self-Reliance series: German Amarillo.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance,” as does all of his writing, inspires and compels us to engage in the perennial introspection which is to reflect, examine, and refine To that end, we present you with our Self-Reliance series of Farmstead® single-hop India pale ales. This release was brewed in August of 2019, generously hopped with Amarillo®, which was uncharacteristically grown in Germany, and aged in oak puncheons for 3 months prior to bottling.

Find details about ordering on our online shop page. Visit our online ordering page directly at⁣.

Guidelines for out-of-state visitors to Vermont remain unchanged from the previous week. Counties in other states must meet a threshold of less than 400 active cases per million and be within driving distance of Vermont in order to qualify. Currently, counties in states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Ohio, and Washington D.C. will be allowed to visit without a quarantine requirement.

For an updated map of color-coded counties and detailed guidelines, please visit

For the safety and health of our staff, community, and families, we thank you for respecting and observing these travel guidelines.

Thank you all for your positive support. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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