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Charlie • Madness & Civilization Blend 14• New Cans

It’s been almost exactly two years since we bid a fond farewell to Charlie, our faithful, loving, and steadfast companion. A golden retriever of renown, he effortlessly adopted everyone on Hill Road and beyond. He was a cheerful rogue who approached without prejudice or judgment—a furry foreman who monitored all construction, managed events, and kept dutiful watch over his roads and your wayward tacos.

Many of you who have visited our taproom this year have had the opportunity to enjoy the beer brewed to honor him, one that befitted his unique character: a lively, cheerful, low-alcohol Farmstead with a touch of playfulness. This week, we’re finally able to release the bottled version, for you to enjoy at home or in a field—maybe even with tacos. At just 2% abv, this beer embodies both Charlie’s light and ebullient spirit and our ongoing commitment to conscious consumption. The beautiful artwork is courtesy of our lifelong friend and frequent artistic contributor Natalya Zahn, and the label design is by another lifelong friend and constant artistic collaborator, Alex Peltz. We’re grateful for their wonderful collaborative work in illustrating so appropriately our Charlie.

To celebrate the memory of Charlie, please donate to or volunteer at your local, independent animal shelter. In the NEK, you can support the following worthy organizations: Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter or North Country Animal League. 

We will also release the next in our Madness & Civilization series: Blend 14. In honor of our 10th anniversary in 2020, we selected specific barrels—Bourbon barrels and a single tawny Port barrel—up to two years in rest, to then condition atop Ecuadorian Costa Esmeraldas Cacao Nibs sourced by Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco and Planadas Coffee from Tolima, Colombia, sourced and roasted by our age-old friends at The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Along with a full slate of bottled offerings, we will have freshly packaged cans of Double Galaxy, our imperial India Pale Ale brewed entirely with Galaxy hops, and Everett, our American porter.

Stay tuned for more information soon about reservations in later November and our Thanksgiving week schedule.

Charlie label on foliage