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Double Barrel Aaron • Edward Cans Return • Saturday Service

This week, we debut a singular and novel expression of our barleywine-style ale, a true double-barreled rendition, both akin to and distinct from the recent release of Aaron. 

Brewed in April 2015, Aaron’s namesake beer rested for over two years in a Bourbon barrel from our favorite distillery. Then, transferring directly from that initial barrel, it found extended stay in a freshly emptied Ruby Port barrel for three additional years. After seven years, patience and seasonal rhythm allowed for the space necessary for an unhurried transformation, one that gifts us with a representation of harmony, refinement, and complexity.

Aaron A. Hill (1785-1869) was Edward’s great-great-grandfather who operated the original tavern in North Greensboro and upon whose original sign the Hill Farmstead Brewery logo is based. 

Similar to our most recent Samuel release, this will be a limit of one bottle per person for the duration of the release. Each day, we will allocate bottles for online reservation (same-day pick-up) at 7 a.m. each morning, to ensure availability each day next week.

Edward Cans

Edward returns to cans this coming week. Once again, we brewed with hand-selected organic Centennial and Chinook hops from Yakima Chief Hops, grown by Roy Farms in Moxee, Wash. We will still offer growlers, for those of you inclined. Our can coolers will also continue to have Society & Solitude #4, Mary, Nelson Single Hop Pale Ale, and a limited amount of Abner.

Saturday Service

Once again, with the arrival of a new month, we will open both our bottle shop and taproom on 2 April, from 11:30 a.m to 5 p.m. A reminder that we will be open the first Saturday of each month through the summer.

Reservations for the taproom will still be required so that we can continue to keep the atmosphere convivial and enjoyable for all, and our bottle shop online ordering will be the same on Saturdays as during the week. Currently, that Saturday is fully booked, but we will open additional spots if the weather is amenable for more outside space. Visit for availability.

Double Barrel Aaron