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For the Week of 27 October 2021

For the coming week, we will add a new member to our Self-Reliance series of Farmstead® single-hop India pale ales, as well as three freshly packaged canned offerings. 

This selection, Self-Reliance: Mosaic® (Double Dry-Hopped), was brewed with hand-selected Mosaic® hops grown in Yakima, Washington and then dry-hopped, twice over,  with that same crop year of Mosaic®. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance” was the inspiration for this beer series—and it often serves as a model for our team’s persistent reflection, examination, and refinement.  As such, you’ll likely notice two minor typographical errors in the label itself, small items that we missed during our design review. Previously, we would have likely destroyed the labels and had them reprinted; however, that would be both environmentally irresponsible and materially wasteful, and such an act would reflect neither our mission nor our values. The two minor typos most certainly won’t impact the beer’s flavor or, we hope, your experience with it.

We will also have three freshly packaged can offerings: Citra® Pale Ale, our single hop American Pale Ale brewed exclusively with Citra® hops from the Pacific Northwest; Society & Solitude #4, our Double India Pale Ale with Citra® and Galaxy hops; and Society & Solitude #6, our American Double India Pale Ale brewed exclusively with hand-selected Mosaic® hops from the Pacific Northwest (which offers an opportune comparative experience with this week’s Self-Reliance release!).

We are still working on cold-weather reservation plans for late November and early to mid-December. Given our staffing, we will be open regular hours for Wednesday and Friday of Thanksgiving week but closed on Thursday. Thank you for your patience and support.

Also, far down the road, we will take another winter break and close all operations, including retail, from 25 December 2021 through 25 January 2022. More to come on that, as well!