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Hill Farmstead Retail Update for 30 June 2022

Self-Reliance: Motueka™• Harlan & Double Citra • Taproom Offerings

This week we will release one of the staff favorites in our Self-Reliance series of Farmstead® single-hop India pale ales: Self-Reliance: Motueka™ (Double Dry-Hopped). Aged four months in our oak puncheons, this was brewed with hand-selected Motueka™ hops grown by Freestyle Farm— our agricultural partner in Upper Moutere, New Zealand—and then dry-hopped twice over with the same crop year of Motueka™.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s succinct but emphatic “Self-Reliance” encourages us to engage in frequent introspection: reflect, review, and refine. At fewer than a dozen pages, we encourage you to join us in reading the essay. You may find copies of Emerson’s works, including this easy, available for sale in our retail bottle shop, but it is available for free download or to read in place at

Our bottle selection will feature Nonconformist 04; Self-Reliance: Citra®; Anna: Motueka™; Prolegomena; Arthur: Foudre; and Barrel-Aged Table Dorothy, and more, as well as occasional guest offerings.


Both Harlan and Double Citra return this week to our can line-up, as well as growler fills. Our can selection will also include…

  • Marie, our unfiltered German-style Helles brewed with organic malted barley
  • Mary, our unfiltered German-style lager brewed with organic malted barley
  • Edward, our American Pale Ale brewed with a selection of organic hops
  • What is Enlightenment?, American Pale ale brewed with Amarillo® and organic Citra® hops.
  • Walden, our hoppy Blonde Ale brewed with Amarillo®, Motueka™, and Simcoe® hops.

Taproom Offerings

Our draft offerings for this week’s upcoming reservation service will include Genealogy of Morals: Finca Vista Hermosa Sarchimor, Edward, Rhetorica, Memoria, Citra Pale Ale, Harlan, Susan, and vintage Farmstead® ales. In addition, our general admission menu for folks without a reservations will feature Edward, Rhetorica, and Memoria!

As always, our bottle and glass pours will vary throughout the week, depending on the whim and whimsy of the team!

Growler Availability

For takeaway growler fills in our taproom (no reservations required!):

  • Edward, American Pale Ale
  • Citra Single Hop Pale Ale with hand-selected organic Citra® hops from Yakima Chief Hops.
  • What is Enlightenment?, American Pale ale brewed with Amarillo® and organic Citra® hops.
  • Harlan, IPA brewed with Columbus, Nelson Sauvin, and Simcoe® hops.
  • Susan, IPA brewed with hops from the American Pacific Northwest, and Riwaka hops from New Zealand.
  • Double Citra®, American Imperial IPA brewed exclusively with hand-selected Citra® hops.
  • Genealogy of Morals: Finca Vista Hermosa Sarchimor.
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