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Melancholy Happy Trails • Two New Bottles • Fresh Cans and Growlers Return

Today, we bid a fond farewell to our friend and teammate, Courtney McManus. She will embark on a new professional journey closer to her home and within the education field (one of her many areas of expertise!). In Courtney’s time here, she’s been an integral part of our team’s growth, and her contributions to our mission and vision over the last two years are immeasurable. She will be deeply missed, but we’re genuinely excited for the next chapter in her story. We wish her nothing but the best in the future—and we look forward to seeing her on the other side of the bar during her inevitable visits!

Civil Disobedience: Blend 33

The thirty-third entry in our blended barrel-aged Farmstead® ale collection harkens back to a recent predecessor, Blend 31. Spanning five years and nine different threads, this presentation has undertaken an unhurried journey from brew day to assembly to glass. We will post more about this singular and expressive beer separately and expand on its lineage and course of creation.

Nonconformist 3

This is the third entry in our novel exploration of blended beers, aging techniques, and often unexplored ingredient combinations. In the summer of 2018, we brewed a beer with a base composition of 20% Vermont buckwheat honey, 48% organic buckwheat, 32% malted barley, and cascade hops. After a year of respite in wine barrels, the beer rested in the bottle, moving through its own hopeful arc towards achievement over the course of nearly three years. The result is a delicate, floral expression, displaying differing facets of this ancient grain within the context of our Farmstead® ale framework. Once again, the label features the imaginative artwork of our creative collaborator, a close friend, who has inspired and supported the Hill Farmstead journey since the very beginning, Alex Peltz of Peltz Creative.

Susan, Double Citra, and Growlers

We welcome back both Susan, our American IPA, and Double Citra, our single hopped imperial IPA, to our canned offerings, which join Mary, Earl, and George.

Also, we’ll begin offering growler fills this coming week! Available in 2L and 750ml sizes, we’ll offer Edward and Poetica 2, our oak-conditioned German-style pilsner (limit one 2L or two 750ml per person for Poetica 2). Please check out the growler info on our website for details (—oh, and make sure they’re clean, of course!

Growlers will be filled in our taproom, not the retail shop, so look for signage indicating the growler station when you enter the taproom, and one of our team will stock you up. Please note, you’ll need to order and pay for growlers separately from any retail shop purchases.