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Plum Harvest 2020 and Ephraim

To welcome the Autumnal Equinox on Weds., 22 Sept., we will debut a new entry in our Harvest series and offer two fresh cans!

Plum 2020 Harvest

Each harvest season, we choose various barrels of our Farmstead® ales that exhibit sympathetic characteristics for pairing with local fruit varieties. Regardless of the base beer, the ideal outcome remains the same: a thoughtful representation of the fruit in season. For this selection, a blend of Farmstead® ales that had aged in wine barrels for over a year was conditioned further atop organic plums from nearby Elmore Roots Nursery in Elmore, Vt.

Edward—and Ephraim

We’ll restock the to-go coolers with fresh cans of Edward, our American Pale Ale, and we’ll see the return of Ephraim, our Imperial India Pale Ale with American malted barley and buckets of American hops—unfiltered, double dry-hopped, intensely aromatic, and saturated with resinous hop flavor.

Follow #DrinkItForward for other participating locations and ways you can support the organization (@outrightvermont), and if you join us in the taproom, tag a photo of us with #DrinkItFoward to show your support.

Our taproom will continue with its reservation-only structure, and each Monday, when possible, we’ll open additional reservations. Additional spots generally become available on Monday at 5 p.m. for the same week.

Plum 2020-4