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For the week of 29 September 2021

The leaves have begun to take on their autumnal hues, and cooler nights are hinting at the season to come. We welcome you to our bottle shop and taproom this week with a distinctly different expression of Arthur, continued cans of Edward, and unexpected, unrevealed beverages to greet you when you arrive for both taproom and bottle shop.

Arthur: Puncheon

We set aside a portion of Arthur to age in our puncheons, which then lay in rest for nearly a year. After patiently observing its often unexpected arc of development over the course of two years in the bottle, we present you with this notable expression of the familiar—not quite Arthur, not quite Art, but enchanting all the same

Along with Arthur: Puncheon, our bottle shop with continue to have cans of Edward, our American Pale Ale, and be well-stocked with a wide selection of bottles, including Plum: 2020 Harvest; Nonconformist 2; Florence: Puncheon; and occasional and whimsical pop-ups from both special guests and our own collection.

A reminder that our bottle shop now opens at 11:30 a.m. each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

Reservations for our taproom are now open through November 12, and a small number of spots remain for early in November. Each Monday we evaluate the coming week’s weather and staffing, and if possible, make additional space available Monday evening around 5 p.m.

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