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Retail Update for 10 July 2024

Walden • Three Magic Letters • Society & Solitude #7 • Everett

We’ll have four new canned offerings (all approved by our new friend Begley), and Smokin’ Joe’s returns as our food truck for the week with a special Mexican food menu! This coming week, look for the return of Walden, our hoppy blonde ale brewed with Amarillo®, Motueka™, and Simcoe® hops, alongside Three Magic Letters (IPA), Society & Solitude #7 (DIPA with Amarillo® and Simcoe® hops), and Everett, our American Porter.


First brewed in the summer of 2012, this hoppy blonde ale receives its inspiring appellation from Henry David Thoreau and his self-sufficient sojourn on Walden Pond from 1845 to 1847. In the spirit of both the evidenced ideological independence and practiced moderation of the author’s woodland stopover, we brew this 4% abv hoppy blonde ale with Motueka, Simcoe®, and Amarillo® hops.

To mark his birthday on 12 July, we might suggest reading the text, which is available at Project Gutenberg (!

In the Retail Shop

Along with the additions this week, our can coolers will feature Excursions: HBC 586/Phantasm (IPA), Double Nelson (DIPA), Difference & Repetition: Simcoe®/Citra®/Mosaic (IPA), Song of Summer (Pale Ale), Marie (German-style Helles), and Mary (German-style Pilsner). Our varied bottle selection includes Dorothy; Wheat Blanc; Brother Soigné (set with Mezcal and Lime Gin Barrel-aged); Farmer Wave; The Order of Things 01, 02, and 03; Biere de Norma; Daybreak; Works of Love: Omnipollo; and Wheat Blanc, amongst others.

Check our website for fully updated listings for taproom drafts and bottle shop offerings!


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