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Retail Update for 13 January 2024 – Vera Mae 2017

Vera Mae 2017

Each year since the inception of Hill Farmstead, we have honored Vera Mae, Edward’s eldest sister, with a Farmstead® ale crafted from organically grown grains, hops, Vermont wildflower honey, dandelion flowers gathered from our fields, our farmhouse yeast, and water from our well. Similar to certain other beers of that era, this edition’s journey yearned for an extended bottle-conditioning prior to achieving—nearly seven years in the making, from blossom gathering and brew day to release.

As part of our expansive experiment in bottle conditioning surveillance and education, which began in the spring of 2017, we packaged a number of beers that would most benefit from extended conditioning in bottle. Vera Mae was one of those chosen and makes its debut this coming week. This represents and highlights our commitment to shepherding each beer along its appropriate journey towards achievement—regardless of the time frame necessitated by the whim and whimsy of the natural process. 

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