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Retail Update for 16 December 2023

Clover Continues • Charlie: Raspberry • Amarillo IPA • Foster • Excursions: Southland Nelson Sauvin

We’ll continue to offer Clover this week; introduce a delightful variation on our low-alcohol Farmstead® ale, Charlie; and three additional canned offerings, including a new Excursions.


This coming week, with the holidays in mind, we will continue to allocate Clover bottles according to supply and estimations of traffic.   This ensures availability daily and allows folks to arrive at any time during our open retail hours to complete their purchases. Currently, there remains a strict limit of two bottles per person, which applies for the duration of the release, and this limit could change by the end of the week to 1 bottle per person.  

Charlie: Raspberry

A golden retriever of renown, Charlie never failed to charm. In his honor, we created a beer to suit his spirit: a lively, cheerful, 1.8% abv low-alcohol Farmstead® ale with a touch of playfulness. Furthering that sense of whimsy, we conditioned this beer atop pomace from raspberries organically grown by Adam’s Berry Farm in Charlotte, Vermont.

Excursions: Southland Nelson Sauvin

This IPA is hopped exclusively with Nelson Sauvin, grown at Garston Hops. At a latitude of 45˚28’9”S and in the Southland district of New Zealand, they are located 50km south of Queenstown and 900km (nearly 600 miles) south of the Upper Moutere hop growing region that defines the expression of our New Zealand hopped beers. Shaun visited this young farm in February 2021 and found promise in the distinctly different expression of their growing region.

Also this week, we’ll bolster our can coolers and draft lines with freshly packaged Amarillo IPA, Foster, Harlan, Three Magic Letters, Double Nelson, Difference & Repetition: Hallertau Blanc/Simcoe®, Song of Winter, Susan, Excursions: HBC 586/Phantasm, Double Motueka, Twilight of the Idols, and Marie.