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Retail Update for 2 February 2024

Excursions: Southland Motueka • Difference & Repetition: Citra®/Nelson Sauvin/Simcoe® • Double Citra • Kindeli Wines

For the upcoming week, we’ll restock our can coolers and draft lines with four additional offerings, including another unexplored expression of New Zealand’s hop terroir. Also, making a return to our bottle shop will be a selection of wines from Kindeli, produced by Alex Craighead in New Zealand; we’ll also offer a rotating selection of these in our taproom by the glass.

Excursions: Southland Motueka

This IPA is hopped exclusively with Motueka grown at Garston Hops. At a latitude of 45˚28’9”S and in the Southland district of New Zealand, they are located 50km south of Queenstown and 900km (nearly 600 miles) south of the Upper Moutere hop growing region that defines the expression of our New Zealand hopped beers. Shaun visited this young farm in February 2021 and found promise in the distinctly different expression of their growing region.

Kindeli by Alex Craighead

We are pleased to offer you a selection of organic, non-interventionist wines made by Alex Craighead in Upper Moutere, New Zealand. We first visited Alex in 2017 and were immediately struck by the honesty expressed through his winemaking. His winery, coincidentally, sits atop a hillside overlooking and abutting our partner hop farm’s (Freestyle Hops) hop fields of Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, and Riwaka that we source and select exclusively in some of our favorite beers! A full-circle taste of the wondrous New Zealand landscape.

We’ll share more in an upcoming profile post about the selections you will find when you visit.

Also in the Retail Shop

Our canned and growler options include Excursions: Southland Motueka, Difference & Repetition: Citra®/Nelson Sauvin/Simcoe®, Double Citra, Foster, Society & Solitude #4, Marie, George, and Song of Winter. Our bottle selection includes Damon: Bourbon|Port, Vera Mae 2017, Wheat Blanc, Juicy, Anna, Arthur, Brother Soigné, Florence, Charlie, Charlie: Raspberry, Clara, Raspberry: 2022 Harvest, Self-Reliance: Motueka, and Table Dorothy.


Shaun pouring Kindeli Wines