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Retail Update for 23 September 2023

Dry-Hopped Mary • Harlan • Three Magic Letters

With some prime early Autumn weather ahead of us, we’re looking forward to seeing many of you this coming week. We’ll have freshly packaged cans and draft of both Harlan and Three Magic Letters, as well as a lightly dry-hopped twist on Mary, in cans and for enjoyment onsite.

MexiRico Authéntico! will join us on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this coming week, and feel free to pack a picnic for Wednesday!

Dry-Hopped Mary

On occasion, we put a slight spin on one of our ongoing offerings—a bit of whimsy or a unique opportunity for an alternative perspective on a favorite. In this case, we judiciously dry-hopped a small portion of our German-style unfiltered Pilsner, Mary, with organic Perle hops grown by Bavaria’s Biohof Friedrich, the largest organic hop farmer in Europe. The addition brings a subtle spice and pleasant floral notes layered over the classic profile we so enjoy about the base beer.