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Retail Update for 24 February 2024

Double Nelson • Everett • Rhetorica

Both Double Nelson and Everett will return to our can coolers and draft lists, alongside freshly packaged Rhetorica, available in growlers to go and by the mug to enjoy onsite. 


Inspired by our 2017 trip to the Czech Republic, Shaun brewed our first single-decocted dark lager in October of 2018. Conditioned at 3º Celsius for more than 3 months and krausened with fresh-fermenting lager for slow, gentle, natural carbonation, Rhetorica harkens back to a classic tmavé pivo—soft, sincere, simple.

Also in the Retail Shop

Our can coolers will feature Nelson Single Hop Pale Ale, Three Magic Letters, Double Galaxy, Susan, Mary, George, and Song of Winter. Don’t forget to bring your clean growlers! Edward is always available to go in growlers.

Our bottle selection includes Civil Disobedience Blend 37, Arthur: Plum, Vera Mae 2017, Wheat Blanc, Juicy, Anna, Arthur, Brother Soigné, Florence, Charlie, Charlie: Raspberry, Clara, Raspberry: 2022 Harvest, Self-Reliance: Motueka, and Table Dorothy.


Mug of Rhetorica dark lager