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Retail Update for 6 March 2024

Biere de Norma 2019 • Foster • Harlan • Society & Solitude #6

Out like a lion, in like a lamb, March is upon us with the reemergence of some familiar pre-Spring things: rising temperatures, running sap, and Biere de Norma. This week, we’ll also have freshly packaged cans of Foster, Harlan, and Society & Solitude #6 in our retail shop. 

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Biere de Norma 2019

To honor Shaun’s maternal grandmother, we craft this Biere de Mars and condition it in oak barrels with our resident microflora, allowing it to develop indefinitely until it is ready for release. Packaged in 2019, this bottling of her namesake beer has been closely observed as part of our long-ranging extended bottle-conditioning examination. It has surpassed our expectations and continues to exhibit celestial finesse and prolonged determination.

We realize the influence of those closest to us only after having left their presence. At Hill Farmstead, our spirit is forever defined by Norma and the memory of our loved ones.

Also in the Retail Shop

Our can coolers will feature Double Nelson, Everett, Mary, George, and Song of Winter. Don’t forget to bring your clean growlers! Edward is always available to go in growlers.

Our bottle selection includes Civil Disobedience Blend 37, Arthur: Plum, Vera Mae 2017, Wheat Blanc, Juicy, Anna, Arthur, Brother Soigné, Florence, Charlie, Charlie: Raspberry, Clara, Raspberry: 2022 Harvest, Self-Reliance: Motueka, and Table Dorothy. We also have a range of wines from Kindeli for purchase to go (along with a Kindeli wine-by-the-glass in our taproom)


Bottle of Biere de Norma