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Retail Update for 3 April 2024

Damon Riserva One and Two • Juicy (Gin Barrel) • Daybreak •
Song of Spring • Three Magic Letters • Society & Solitude #3 • Marie

Ahead of Eclipse week, we’ll debut four new bottles and four freshly packaged cans this coming week. Limits will be in place on these new bottles to ensure that they will be available through the end of Eclipse week (13 April). 

Also, a reminder that Eclipse Monday is by parking reservation only, and while we are open that day, we can only accommodate a limited number of cars. Please visit our website and join our newsletter for ongoing information on conditions and possible additional open reservations.

Damon Riserva

To continue honoring the memory of Damon (1993-2004), we craft an imperial stout from time to time and condition it in barrels. On occasion, a unique and revelatory blend emerges by happenstance, one that excels unexpectedly and sets itself apart from what we have come to know as Damon. Thus, a Riserva selection emerges. 

In the instance of Riserva One, an element rested in Bourbon barrels from our favorite distillery for 30 months, while another, smaller portion spent more than two years in similar Bourbon barrels, then an additional 40 months in freshly emptied Tawny Port barrels.

In the manifestation of Riserva Two, a portion of the blend—brewed in 2015—rested in Bourbon barrels from our favorite distillery for nearly four years and then for an additional two years in freshly emptied Tawny Port barrels; the second portion represents a singular selection that spent more than two years in Bourbon.

Juicy: Gin Barrel-Aged

Juicy is inspired by Shaun’s first trip to New Zealand in 2004 and a recipe that he developed shortly after his return. Inspired by the landscape and the viniculture, of a young man’s first impression of Sauvignon Blanc, and a distinct terroir, this beer is intended as a symbolic testament to the vivid memories of the spirited inhabitants and friendships formed nearly 20 years ago. Following a brief residency conditioning in barrels that previously held Caledonia Spirits Tom Cat gin, the beer that we have referred to as Juicy since 2012 is now ready to be enjoyed.


Some may remember Daybreak, an imperial stout brewed with organic citrus zest. Originally brewed in 2011, at a time when we coined the phrase ICU (international citrus unit), this rebrewed version of our original collaborative adventure resulted from the creative friendship between two transatlantic travelers. Denmark and our Danish friends have long been a continual source of inspiration; thus we are honored to re-release Daybreak as a collaboration with our friend, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Mikkeller.

Also in the Retail Shop

The bottled selections will include the following: Nonconformist 10, Biere de Norma 2019, Civil Disobedience Blend 37, Arthur: Plum, Wheat Blanc, Anna, Arthur, Brother Soigné, Florence, Charlie, Charlie: Raspberry, Clara, Raspberry: 2022 Harvest, Self-Reliance: Motueka, and Table Dorothy. We also have a range of wines from Kindeli for purchase (along with a Kindeli wine-by-the-glass in our taproom).

Our can coolers will feature Song of Spring, Three Magic Letters, Society & Solitude #3, Marie, Dharma Bum, Double Nelson, Society & Solitude #11, Everett, and Mary. Visit our website for a complete list of our bottle selections.


Two people toasting with Damon