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Retail Update for 4 January 2023

In Review • Of First & Last Things and Society & Solitude #2 Cans

As we say farewell to 2022, we are sincerely grateful for your ongoing support and encouragement. 2022 has seen a deliberate revival of many of our original, foundational goals; continued internal and external pursuit of our mission and vision; and directed growth and development within our team, including some new faces amongst the staff.

We hosted our first community-wide conversation that included newly elected Senator Peter Welch; we partnered with a number of ideologically-aligned producers and businesses; and we closed out the year with the first of our Hill Road (and thereabouts) honey.

Through the course of the year, we were able to donate over $100,000 to local and regional charities, between guest donations, donated reservation fees, and direct contributions. The list of worthy organizations in 2022 includes Child Haven International; Friends of Bonobos; Self-Realization Fellowship; KANPE Foundation; The Center for Food Safety; Circus Smirkus; Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter; Orleans County Summer Lunch Program; Bread & Puppet Theater; Old Stone House Museum; Hardwick Food Shelf; AWARE; Planned Parenthood of Northern New England; The Civic Standard; and Zeno Farm.

We won’t be taking an extended staff break this year, but we will maintain our pursuit of personal and professional development. Our intention in the new year is to identify and facilitate opportunities for the advancement of community dialogue while continuing to improve and elevate the wellness of our staff and the experience of our guests.

We anticipate the return of onsite festivals for the summer of 2023, and look for additional seated events in the near future. The patience of our efforts in barrel-aging and bottle conditioning has gifted us with a number of memorable offerings that we look forward to sharing with you throughout the year, including the continuation of revelatory Civil Disobedience blends, the return of both Ann and Art, and debuts of Double Honey Ann and of collaborative efforts from previous years with Lost Abbey and Russian River, Omnipollo, Casita, Private Press, and Keeping Together.

For the first week of the new year, we’ll have freshly packaged draft and cans of Of First & Last Things and Society & Solitude #2, along with a broad selection of bottles for takeaway. Visit our website for a fully updated list of drafts, bottles, and cans.

We wish you peace and solace in the year ahead, and we look forward to seeing many of you soon.