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Retail Update for 11 January 2023

Ann • Genealogy of Morals CC Sarchimor • Song of Winter • Society & Solitude #2

For the week ahead, we herald the return of Ann; the arrival of a new Genealogy of Morals: Coffee Collective; and the revelation of the final quatrain in our seasonal cycle, Song of Winter—a notable collection of offerings to mark the slow return of the sun!


It has been quite some time since an emergence of Ann presented itself—nearly five years. As the wine barrel-fermented and aged version of Anna (1902-1993), our honey Farmstead® ale is placed into wine barrels where its evolution of Anna into Ann is indeterminate and metamorphic. Only a single-digit percentage of all wine barrel-aged Anna becomes unmistakably identifiable as Ann. The beer, the barrel, and some still unknown, unquantifiable elements dictate its path and appearance—identified and selected only through the emotional response it induces during barrel tasting. Aged in French oak barrels for between 1 and 3 years and conditioning in bottles since February of 2017, this standard reflects, redefines, and guides our progressive vision.

Like our last few limited releases, we will allocate bottles each retail day for online ordering (same-day pick-up only). Beginning at 7 a.m. each morning of the coming week (Weds., Thurs., Fri., and Sat.), our Toast online store will go live ( through which you can place your order for Ann and any other items available in the shop. This ensures availability each day of the week and allows folks to arrive at any time during our open retail hours to complete their purchases. 

Glass pours of Ann will be available in our taproom each retail day for the next four weeks.

We will also make Ann available for sale the following week, beginning 18 January, in the same manner, allowing for two weeks of opportunity. Additionally, in an effort to make this singular beer available to a broader audience—one which may not have the flexibility of the daily ordering system—we plan to open a lottery-style opportunity; we will provide information about that program next week. 

Each 750ml waxed bottle is $95 plus tax.

Reminder: This release has a one (1) bottle limit. Our ordering system cannot impose limits, so please only order one bottle per person. Anyone ordering more than one bottle will automatically be issued a partial refund.

Please also note: we highly recommend that your create an account in ToastTab prior to ordering so as to expedite the check-out in online ordering for limited bottle offerings…

If you cannot complete your order on the same day, please contact our bottle shop as soon as possible (802-533-7450, x1, or [email protected]). We will move any unpurchased bottles into the following day’s allocation (we can not hold orders or reserve bottles for any reason). Unclaimed orders without notice will forfeit the opportunity to order any Ann bottles on a subsequent day.

Genealogy of Morals: Vista Hermosa Sarchimor

In our continuing series of single-origin coffee experiments, we have chosen a few barrels of our wheat imperial stout, Genealogy of Morals, which rested in select bourbon barrels for between 16 and 24 months. We further conditioned the beer atop coffee beans grown and processed by Edwin Martinez in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, which were sourced and roasted by The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Song of Winter

Our annual retreat to grey days, absent the multiplicity of summer songbird hymnals, finds us with a resting unease and a reminder that our only solace lies in understanding that we must befriend the cold wind. H.D. Thoreau wrote, “Nature puts no question and answers none which we mortals ask. She has long ago taken her resolution.”

With the spirit of the North and our own deeply founded habitation, we offer to you this Song of Winter: a rich Chocolate Stout brewed with an abundant addition of fresh cacao nibs sourced and roasted by Colombia’s Tibito Chocolate and imported by Maine’s In situ Food Co. In Situ’s ideology and vision stand apart from the typical Western Economic Ethos: shifting from a model of extraction of raw resources to one of adding value within countries of origin, empowering communities to build wealth, and protecting their environment.

Joining Song of Winter in cans and on draft will be Society & Solitude #2, our Imperial Black India Pale Ale, hopped copiously with Simcoe® and Columbus hops.

Visit our retail shop page for more information, including limits, pricing, and other offerings.

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