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Retail Update for 4 November 2023

Twilight of the Idols • Three Magic Letters • Society & Solitude #3 • George

While we’ve had a dusting of conversational snow here, there’s not enough for snow angels yet, and the sunshine continues to make for lovely autumn afternoons. However, the seasonal chill is most certainly in the air, and with that, Twilight of the Idols makes its annual appearance. Available in both cans and growlers for takeaway, as well as by the glass on nitro draft in our taproom.

Each autumn, we brew Twilight of the Idols, our winter porter with a touch of cacao nibs, coffee, and cinnamon, and condition it on vanilla beans. Conceived in 2009 with age-old friend Ryan Witter-Merithew while brewing in Denmark, this tradition continues. Its name is inspired by the title of one of the last known texts written by Friedrich Nietzsche, a guiding voice within the entire length of our journey.

This year’s batch features a coffee selected and roasted by George Howell Coffee, a touch of Ceylonese and Vietnamese cinnamon, fresh cacao nibs—sourced and roasted by Colombia’s Tibito Chocolate and imported by Maine’s In situ Food Co.—and organic Madagascar vanilla beans from Madagascar Vanilla Co. in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Along with this week’s newest can offerings, we’ll have James, Harlan, Double Citra, Susan, Dharma Bum, Society & Solitude #6, Double Nelson, Mary, and Marie for the retail shop this week.

Our bottled offerings include Anna, Arthur, Arthur: Cascade, Charlie, Clara, Sankt Hans, Table Dorothy, Wheat Blanc, and Once Upon a Time in Denmark…

Brewery through stone wall opening