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Retail Update for 28 October 2023

Return of James • Harlan • Double Citra • Marie

First brewed in May of 2010, and making occasional appearances through 2019, James’ namesake beer returns after a long hiatus—for the first time in 16 oz. cans. To honor his memory, we craft an American black India Pale Ale with organic American malted barley; Columbus and Simcoe® hops; our ale yeast; and water from Edward’s well. Edward James “Jim” Hill Jr. (1954-1998) was Edward’s youngest son. Hill Farmstead Brewery rests upon the land that he and his four siblings called home. 

Accompanying James will be freshly packaged cans of Harlan, Double Citra, and Marie for the retail shop this week.

There will be no food vendors this week, so we’ll have cheese and olive selections available, but feel free to bring along food to enjoy!

Alongside this week’s newly appearing cans, we’ll also have Dharma Bum, Society & Solitude #6, Double Nelson, Mary, and Susan, as well as a full slate of our bottled offerings, including Anna, Arthur, Arthur: Cascade, Charlie, Clara, Sankt Hans, Table Dorothy, Wheat Blanc, Once Upon a Time in Denmark….

James Can and Glasspour