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Retail Update for 21 October 2023

Edward • Dharma Bum • Society & Solitude • Food Vendor Pop-Up

Late fall weather in the Northeast Kingdom is fickle, but opportunities for little vignettes of autumnal beauty appear nonetheless to those with a bit of patience and a keen eye. We’re enjoying these moments as often as possible! We will refresh our can coolers with Edward, Dharma Bum, and Society & Solitude #6, each returning after a lengthy hiatus. 

As luck would have it, we will have a pop-up on Saturday, 28 October, with Hook & Peel Pizza! There will be no vendor on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, so we’ll have cheese and olive selections available, but feel free to bring along your own food!

Alongside this week’s newly appearing cans, we’ll also have Double Nelson, Mary, and Susan, as well as a full slate of our bottled offerings, including Anna, Arthur, Arthur: Cascade, Charlie, Clara, Sankt, Sankt Hans, Table Dorothy, Vera Mae 2022, Wheat Blanc, Once Upon a Time in Denmark…, and guest bottles from Gueuzerie Tilquin.

Open sign in autumn