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Song of Winter

Stout Brewed with Cocoa Nibs

Our annual retreat to grey days, absent the multiplicity of summer songbird hymnals, finds us with a resting unease and a reminder that our only solace lies in understanding that we must befriend the cold wind. H.D. Thoreau wrote, “Nature puts no question and answers none which we mortals ask. She has long ago taken her resolution.”

With the spirit of the North and our own deeply founded habitation, we offer to you this Song of Winter: a rich Chocolate Stout brewed with an abundant addition of fresh cacao nibs sourced and roasted by Colombia’s Tibito Chocolate and imported by Maine’s In situ Food Co. In Situ’s ideology and vision stand apart from the typical Western Economic Ethos: shifting from a model of extraction of raw resources to one of adding value within countries of origin, empowering communities to build wealth, and protecting their environment.

Singular Series
01/11/23 Release Date
6.3% ABV
Fresh Time
Ale Yeast Yeast
Cocoa Nibs Adjuncts
Stainless Aging Method