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2-5 August 2023

As so many of you have seen, our surrounding communities have been devastated by the recent—and ongoing—flooding and storms, and while our brewery didn’t sustain damage, we have certainly felt the impacts, both on our team here and visiting guests.

We had planned to host a small festival that would be structured around 80 people, vintage tasting events—smaller than any of our previous festivals but much more extensive than our private seated tastings—during the first week of August. Up to two weeks ago, the wheels were in motion to release tickets and move ahead.

However, the last week or so has necessitated that we refocus our time and resources, reinvigorating us toward community recovery, rebuilding, and, ultimately, rebirth. Recognizing that need and the quickly slipping timelines, we have elected to postpone any more significant events until 2024.

We will still do our best to welcome and encourage the sunshine during that first week of August!

Phil is planning on his local gravel ride (details coming soon), we’ll dig deep into the vintage archives to highlight more than a decade of our barrel-aged catalog, we hope to offer some small, guided tastings during the week, and if a few specific pieces fall into place, we’ll preview a new, completely unique blended cooperation that we look forward to sharing with you all.

Thank you for your understanding and, most importantly, continued support of us and our community.