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Curbside Releases for 22-24 July

For 22-24 July, we will have fresh cans of Conduct of Life and Dharma Bum for curbside pick-up, along with Mary, Difference & Repetition: Hallertau Blanc/Simcoe®, and Society & Solitude #5. We will also be offering 2L growlers of Memoria (new glass only) and a guest bottle from Russian River Brewing!


This winter, we brewed a batch of Marie—our single-decocted, unfiltered, German-style Helles—and lagered a portion of it at 3º Celsius for over three months in our cherished French oak puncheons. We moved the beer to stainless steel and krausened with fresh-fermenting Marie for more than a month of slow, gentle carbonation. We proudly present an elevated expression of Marie, one that demonstrates our progressive pursuit for refinement while honoring and ennobling the most inspiring elements of classical brewing tradition.

To streamline the process of filling the growlers and ensure the freshest beer is ready for you at pick-up, we will close the order window at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, then reopen the order window at 5 p.m. Wednesday evening for Thursday and Friday pick-ups. If beer remains, we’ll once again close the orders for Memoria Thursday at 8 a.m. and reopen it at 5 p.m. for Friday pick-ups!

Our website’s online shop page has all the details for curbside ordering. Visit our online ordering page directly at⁣.

Guidelines for out-of-state visitors remain unchanged. Currently, counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Ohio, and Washington D.C. will be allowed to visit without quarantine. Counties in those states must meet a threshold of less than 400 active cases per million and be within driving distance of Vermont in order to qualify.

For an updated map of color-coded counties and detailed guidelines updated today, please visit

For the safety and health of our staff, community, and families, we thank you for respecting and observing these travel guidelines.

Thank you all for your positive support. See you in the loop!

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