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Retail and Reservations Update for 4 August 2021

For this upcoming week, we will have freshly packaged cans of Double Citra. Featuring hand-selected hops from Washington’s Yakima Valley, this beer has made frequent appearances over the last decade.

Our inaugural single-hop beer brewed on Hill Road, in May of 2010, showcased a then-little used variety: Citra®. As the hop’s popularity grew and the qualities of Citra evolved dramatically in those next few years, the original essence became but a fond memory. Years of conversations, much analysis, and hours of on-farm sensory led to a few suitable candidates in 2019 that most closely resembled that original Citra®. It’s with those selections we continue to brew Double Citra today.

Additionally in cans, we will have Edward; Everett; Walden; and Marie. We will also have nearly a dozen bottle offerings available this coming week, including Arthur Cascade; Nonconformist 01; Cherry/Raspberry 2019 Harvest; Civil Disobedience #32; Foudre Florence; and guest bottles from The Lost Abbey and 3 Fonteinen.

As in the before times, you can order in the bottle shop when you arrive, or you might choose to order in advance (online) on the day that you’re planning to visit! The same-day order window opens on at 5 a.m. each day.

Continuing the measured evolution of our Taproom experience, we have been able to open up additional reservations for the next few weeks to accommodate more guests. We will make additional spots available on Monday at 5 p.m. for the same week. We expect to open up the last week in August soon!

If you’re visiting the area and miss our open retail hours, check out Willey’s Store and Wilson Farm Market in Greensboro, Smith’s Grocery in Greensboro Bend, and Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick. We try to maintain a small selection of bottles, and occasionally cans, for our immediate local area in these spots.