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Retail Shop Update for 28 July 2021

For this, the last week of July, we will release new presentations for two of our Farmstead® Ales: 

Arthur Cascade 

Bottle conditioning since July 2020, this edition of our traditional Farmstead® ale was conditioned in a stainless tank for three months and dry-hopped with the 2020 Cascade Cup Award Winning Cascade grown by Tributary Farms in Yakima Valley.  

Florence Puncheon

We aged this version of our wheat Farmstead® ale for more than a year in our 500-liter puncheons—not quite Florence, not quite Flora, but magical all the same. This beer has been bottling conditioning since February 2020 and will continue to develop well for the foreseeable future.  

We will have freshly packaged cans of our American Pale Ale, Edward; our American Porter, Everett; and Walden, our hoppy blond ale brewed with Amarillo®, Motueka™, and Simcoe® hops. First brewed in June 2012 as a collaboration with The Alchemist, we continue to brew Walden each year to remind us of that enduring friendship.

Our can selection will also include Marie and Harlan, and our wide-ranging bottle offerings will also feature Cherry/Raspberry 2019 Harvest; Civil Disobedience Blend 32; and Nonconformist 01, amongst others. 

Remember, you can order right in the bottle shop when you arrive, or you can order online on the day that you’re planning to visit! The same-day order window opens on at 5 a.m. each day.  

In order to maintain the quality and balance of our Taproom experience, our Taproom (onsite consumption) will continue to operate on a reservation basis. As we allocate more resources to this experience, we anticipate additional reservation openings to be made available on Monday at 5 p.m.  Please book through our website.  

If you’re visiting outside of our retail hours, check out Willey’s Store and Wilson Farm Market in Greensboro, Smith’s Grocery in Greensboro Bend, and Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick. We try to maintain a small selection of bottles, and occasionally cans, for our immediate local area in these spots.