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Retail Update for 7 September 2022

Autumna • Civil Disobedience Blend 34 • Flora Onsite • Self-Reliance: Eclipse • New Cans

Cool nights have crept into the Northeast Kingdom, once again, and as official Fall approaches, we look forward to sharing several new and returning offerings this coming week: our wood-conditioned fest lager, a new entry in our Civil Disobedience library of blends, a unique appearance of Flora for onsite enjoyment, a new Self-Reliance iteration, and the return of both Dharma Bum and Abner to cans and growlers. Plus, we’ll have Bobber’s onsite all week, serving up their seafood creations.

Good week ahead!


Our annual German-style unfiltered fest lager was assembled from under-modified Edelweiss Old World Czech Style Lager Malt from Sugar Creek Malt Co.; German Perle and Mittlefrüh hops; and our own well water. This lightly hopped pale lager was decocted, conditioned in wooden barrels at 3°C for two months, then provided freshly harvested krausen for natural, gentle carbonation.

We will have this available for 35cl onsite mug pours, as well as to-go growler fills. 4.9% abv

Civil Disobedience Blend 34

Our Civil Disobedience series is, ultimately, an act of optimism and hopeful curation. As we track and trace each barrel, noting and estimating various trajectories and arcs, options and patterns slowly emerge. Some barrels stand out singularly and become their namesake’s peak expression; others terminate in perceptible failure, destined for reintegration into our fields—perhaps becoming beer again far down the water table chain. A third barrel category seeks accompaniment within a sympathetic chorus and often, upon curated blending with like-directed selections, undertakes a secondary journey of integration and co-development, one that can take years.

The thirty-fourth entry in our blended barrel-aged Farmstead® ale collection spans four years and five different threads—including wine barrel-aged Anna from 2016 and Florence from 2018. This presentation has undertaken an unhurried journey from brew day to assembly to glass, including more than three years of conditioning in the bottle prior to release. We can now present to you another blended experience of time, place, and patience.


Flora is the barrel-aged version of Florence (1915-1967), Edward’s sister, as well as the name of our Farmstead® wheat ale. After eighteen months of rest in the presence of our resident microflora, a single wine barrel of her namesake beer was transferred to a barrel previously utilized by Eden Specialty Ciders in Newport, Vt., for one of its world-renowned ice ciders. The resultant unique instance of Flora offers a novel expression of roundness, nuanced acidity, and complex balance.

Self-Reliance: Eclipse®

This week we will also release a new entry in our Self-Reliance series of Farmstead® single-hop India pale ales. Received initially as an experimental hop titled  “HPA 016” from Hop Products Australia, the beer was brewed,dry-hopped exclusively with this hop, and aged four months in our oak puncheons. While the beer was in process, HPA has since given this hop an official release and new name: Eclipse®. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” succinctly and emphatically encourages us to engage in frequent introspection: reflect, review, and refine. We encourage you to join us in reading the essay,  available for free download or to read in place at 

Our other bottled offerings include Arthur, Anna Valiquette, Florence, Vera Mae 2021, Arthur: Puncheon, and special guest bottles.

Canned Options for the Week

  • Dharma Bum – IPA brewed and dry-hopped exclusively with hand-selected organic Simcoe® hops
  • Harlan – IPA dry-hopped with Columbus, Nelson Sauvin, and organic Simcoe® hops
  • Abner – American Imperial IPA brewed with a plethora of hops, including Amarillo®, Chinook, and hand-selected organically grown Simcoe® from Perrault Farms in Moxee, Wash.
  • Everett – American Porter, brewed with American malted barley, English and German roasted malts, and American hops.
  • Mary – German-style Pilsner, brewed entirely with organic malted barley. 
  • Double Galaxy – Double India Pale Ale with Galaxy hops

By the Glass and Growlers To Go

Draft choices for our reservation guests will include Edward; Autumna; Dharma Bum; Everett; Shirley Mae; Susan; Poetica; Civil Disobedience Blend 26; bottle and glass pours of vintage beers; and guest ciders from nearby Wildbranch Cider.

A reminder that reservation service is available, with fees 100% benefiting Circus Smirkus, and walk-in guests are always welcome!

For takeaway growler fills in our taproom (no reservations required!):

  • Edward – American Pale Ale
  • Autumna – German-style unfiltered fest lager
  • Dharma Bum – IPA brewed and dry-hopped exclusively hand-selected organic Simcoe® hops
  • Harlan – IPA dry-hopped with Columbus, Nelson Sauvin, and organic Simcoe® hops
  • Everett – American Porter
  • Double Galaxy – Double IPA with Galaxy hops
  • Abner – Double India Pale Ale with Amarillo®, Chinook, and hand-selected organically grown Simcoe® hops
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