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Yellow Raspberry: 2020 Harvest • Susan • Abner

Yellow Raspberry: 2020 Harvest • Susan • Abner

First and foremost, a hearty and heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who joined us on Saturday. The weather was beautiful, the energy was cheerful, and it was a joy to see so many new and long-unseen faces. 

Also, we’re grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response to our revised ordering system and your patience as we continue to refine the process. With that in mind, online ordering opens once again at 7 a.m., continuing the same-day reservation process. A reminder that all orders are placed only for the day of pick up and cannot be held over. If you can’t make your pick up and can alert us as soon as you’re able, we would be grateful, as it allows us to release products to other folks. 

Yellow Raspberry: 2020 Harvest

The next in our series of harvest season selections features a blend of our Farmstead® ales—all of which rested in oak for more than a year—harmonized with yellow raspberries from the 2020 harvest season at Fisher Brothers Farm in Shelburne, Vt. Once again, this thoughtful union expresses a singularly intentional representation of the fruit in season.

New Cans

This week we will have freshly packaged cans of Susan, our Ancestral American India Pale Ale, and Abner, our Ancestral American Imperial India Pale Ale. These join Edward and Society & Solitude #2 in our to-go canned selections.


Thank you for making this week’s release such a smooth and pleasant experience! We are able to allocate a small amount of Samuel for each day this coming week. There is a one (1) bottle limit for the entirety of this release; our ordering system isn’t capable of imposing limits, so please only order one bottle per person in total.

Yellow Raspberry 2020