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Liminal Intermission 2021

Our tenth anniversary has been, without requiring even the faintest expression of a creative imagination, a monumentally remarkable year. Without question, we could have never imagined what lay ahead as we began planning various celebrations and commemorations in December 2019.

Through our best efforts, we have continued producing and sharing our beer with you all, aspiring to our own unachievable standards, throughout this pandemic—albeit in a much different way and with a much smaller staff. Our tireless team has focused and embraced change, without pause, for the last nine months. The staff has grown more aware of their inherent wisdom and is ever more connected with one another; each action arises from the individual and collective pursuit to achieve, deliver, and realize our shared vision.

As we enter 2021, Hill Farmstead Brewery will go into a short winter hibernation mode (code name: Liminal Intermission). Beginning in mid-January, we will put to slumber both retail and production until late March. Our final week of curbside retail before our hiatus will be Weds. – Fri., 13-15 January. You can expect that we will reopen our retail operations in early to mid-April.

This presents a rather rare and appreciable opportunity for the future of our team. First, it offers a much-needed restorative regeneration period for each member of our staff. Secondly, this window provides a rare, concentrated occasion for professional and personal development throughout the organization—a sabbatical, of sorts.

Throughout this pause, we will continue to share our brewery story and convey our sense of place, as well as our individual stories and journeys towards what will be a more positive and healthy future.

Barring yet more unforeseen circumstances, we plan to host a belated anniversary celebration in August 2021, so please hold onto those Friendship & Exploration tickets and look forward with us to a true celebration. Suffice to say, curbside will reopen when we return with an exceptional variety of beers, each currently resting contentedly.

We look forward to sharing our place with you once again—beneath the singular sun, atop the leaves of grass, imaginatively connected—rejuvenated and inspired, reinvigorated and energized.

Sunset aerial