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Phil’s 10th Anniversary & Customer Appreciate Week

The Phil

10 years ago, Phil Young officially joined the staff here. Back then, it was just Dan and Shaun with Shaun’s mom, Denise, lending a hand on weekends.

A lifelong native of many generations in Glover, Phil purchased the little general store up the road from Lake Parker in 2003, and, in hindsight, took the first, pivotal step to usher in the rebirth of the Lake Parker Country Store in West Glover. To a great extent, Parker Pie might not have existed without him!

During the summer of 2011, Phil worked at the brewery part-time on Saturdays and, eventually, joined full-time on September 6, 2011. Retail sales and customer interactions have never been the same—forever improved! We were blessed with an extravert and life-long friend of many.

Phil has worn many hats. Over the last decade, he’s filled thousands of growlers and glasses, washed and filled almost that many kegs, and now manages the cellar, carefully stewarding all of our hoppy beers through their lives from fermenter to can and keg.

A model of dedication and growth mindset, Phil has whole-heartedly embraced and helped shape our mission and vision for the brewery’s future, especially over the last two years. His openness to self-improvement and willingness to lend a hand, an ear, or a wry joke to anyone on the team has made all the difference.

That unmistakable, irrepressible laughter reverberates through our building, elevating and enlivening everyone within ear-shot… and to anyone who’s heard that quintessential sound, it does indeed travel a remarkable distance.

In honor of Phil’s Ten Year Anniversary, we hereby proclaim this as Customer Appreciation week. All sales in our bottle shop will receive a 10% discount in honor of Phil!

The discount will be applied to each order at the time of fulfillment in the Bottle Shop. This will apply to both day-of orders onsite and those placed online ahead of time. We will apply the discount and adjust the balance charged to your card to reflect 10% off.

Phil will also be our honored guest Friday afternoon, engaging with each of you in the bottle shop and taproom, enjoying some well-earned revelry and regaling guests with tales.

Thank you, Phil. Here’s to ten more years!

Phil -2