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Direct to Consumer Home Delivery Sale, 20 June OR/PA/VA/VT

We’d like to offer another collection of curated boxes for summer enjoyment! These will be available to those of you located in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia.

We will open the webshop at on Wednesday, 20 July, at 4 p.m. ET, and we anticipate shipping all the boxes on Monday, 25 July. 

Once again, our web partner, Craftpeak, will utilize an electronic pre-queue and waiting room system, which opens at 3:45 p.m. ET (15 minutes prior to the sale going live). When you sign into the pre-queue, you’ll join everyone on hold for the sale. The time you sign into the pre-queue doesn’t impact your order in the queue.

As the sale opens, people will be moved to the waiting room and randomly added to an order queue, then brought into the shop to make their purchase. This helps maintain a steady and stable order process and eliminates the need for a pre-sale lottery.

This curated 6-bottle selection will include the following: Anna (2021); Arthur: Foudre (2020); Cherry/Raspberry: 2019 Harvest; Florence (2020); Pear: 2020 Harvest; and Plum: 2020 Harvest.

Each box will be $110, plus taxes, processing fees, and shipping via UPS, and is limited to one box per person and/or address.

We look forward to offering these occasional sales in states where we’re currently licensed, as time and bandwidth allow. Thank you for your continued support!

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