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Retail Update for 1 May 2024

Genealogy • Dorothy • Of First & Last Things • Abner • Society & Solitude #2 • Anniversary Week

The sun is out, spring has arrived, and we look forward with optimism toward the rebirth ahead. In that spirit, after a nearly six-year hiatus, we welcome back Genealogy, our imperial wheat stout with coffee, which joins a new arrival of Dorothy, our dry-hopped Farmstead® ale. In addition to those, we’ll have freshly packaged cans and drafts of Of First & Last Things (IPA with Motueka™, Nelson Sauvin, and Simcoe® Hops),  Abner (Double IPA), and Society & Solitude #2 (Double Black IPA with Columbus and Simcoe® Hops).

Look for information on the next round of direct-to-consumer sales in the coming week with an eye on the week of 13 May!

Also, for the week of 22 May, we will celebrate our 14th anniversary throughout the week with a delightfully robust selection of offerings both in our taproom and in our bottle shop. Stay tuned for updates as the menus develop!


One of our most coveted Nietzschean narratives, Genealogy of Morals, inspires our Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout of the same name. We present the non-barrel-aged base beer, simply named Genealogy, brewed with malted wheat and a Peruvian Gesha coffee grown by Mario Asorza and roasted by SEY Coffee in Brooklyn, New York.


Dorothy’s namesake hoppy Farmstead® ale is crafted from American malted barley and wheat, personally selected New Zealand and American hops, our distinctive yeast blend, and water from our well. Dorothy (1921-1994) was Edward’s sister, who lived on the land now hosting Hill Farmstead Brewery.

Also in the Retail Shop

The bottled selections will include the following: Dorothy, Nordic Saison, Self-Reliance: Nelson Sauvin, Daybreak, Biere de Norma 2019, Civil Disobedience Blend 37, Wheat Blanc, Anna, Arthur, Brother Soigné, Florence, Charlie, Charlie: Raspberry, and Clara. 

Our can coolers will also feature Vermont Pale Lager, Of First & Last Things, Harlan, Abner, Society & Solitude #2, Double Motueka, Double Nelson, George, Marie, and Mary.