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Retail Update for 8 May 2024

The Civic Standard • Pear: 2022 Harvest • Foster

We’ll welcome a new fruited Farmstead® ale harvest year to our bottle shop, along with the return of The Civic Standard and Foster to our can coolers and draft lines. Read on for more information!

The next round of direct-to-consumer sales for Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., will take place on 17 May!

A reminder that the week of 22 May will mark our 14th anniversary, and guests can enjoy a delightfully robust selection of offerings both in our taproom and in our bottle shop!

Civic Standard

In the wake of the devastating 2023 floods, one local nonprofit organization was at the forefront of the critical work of clean-up, care, and community. The Civic Standard in Hardwick stood tall and embraced its role as a vital hub, acting as a community waypoint, communication command center, and supply depot. In the spirit of The Civic Standard, its mission, and our commitment to our community and neighbors, we once again present their namesake beer, a sensible, enlivening pale ale.

100% of the profits from the sale of this beer at Hill Farmstead will go directly to TCS to bolster its ongoing efforts in strengthening community interconnectedness. This will be available again in cans, by the glass, in our taproom, and various places around Vermont.

Cans will be available here at the brewery beginning Weds., 8 May, and locally at Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick, Willey’s in Greensboro, Smith’s Grocery in Greensboro Bend, and The Genny in Craftsbury.

Pear: 2022 Harvest

Each harvest season, we choose various barrels of our Farmstead® ales that exhibit sympathetic characteristics for pairing with local fruit varieties with an eye towards a thoughtful representation of the fruit in season. This selection was aged 18 months in wine barrels and then conditioned further on a blend of Siberian pears and local varieties of dessert pears—Stacy, Luscious, Summercrisp, and Nova—all organically grown by Elmore Roots Nursery in nearby Elmore, Vt. 

Check our website for complete offerings for bottles and cans in the coming week!