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Curbside Retail for 16-19 December 2020

Winter has arrived in the Northeast Kingdom—both in spirit and appearance! Our curbside cul-de-sac is decorated with beautiful hand-made wreaths from our own Denise Hill, and a fresh blanket of snow adorns the barrels.

Curbside retail operations for this coming week will once again be Weds. through Fri. 11 – 5, and Sat., 11 – 4. We will release two new cans to accompany our current to-go selections that include Society & Solitude #2 growlers; Leaves of Grass: Northern Kiwi; Self-Reliance: HBC 586; Fear & Trembling; and much more.

Earl (Coffee Stout)

To honor Edward’s brother, Earl, we craft his namesake stout from American malted barley; flaked oats; English roasted malts; American hops; organic Guatemalan coffee; our ale yeast; and water from our well. Our Coffee Stout is unfiltered and provides what we believe to be a satisfying silhouette of coffee and malt—an embodiment of depth and complexity while exhibiting the highest degree of drinkability.

Double Citra

As we slow our production in advance of a seasonal slumber, we head onward toward the New Year with only a few hoppy beers remaining to package.  These creations include several experiments (details to come soon…) as well Double Citra, the last of our Double IPA packagings for the year.  Double Citra is bittered, flavored, and dry-hopped exclusively with Citra® hops that we discriminatingly chose during the annual post-harvest selection in Washington State’s Yakima Valley.  In addition, this week’s can offerings will also include cans of Abner, our Ancestral Double IPA, the last cans of which one is likely to enjoy again until Spring.

Our retail shop page has complete details for curbside ordering. Order directly with the Order Food button.

We continue to follow our State’s safety guidelines and appreciate your respectful observance of the requirements. Find details at ACCD’s website. Please contact our team at [email protected] with questions.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

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