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Hill Farmstead Retail Update for 1 June 2022

Summer Schedule Update • Gooseberry/Northern Kiwi Harvest 2020 • Mary Cans

We are preparing to launch reservation and service schedule updates this coming week that will take effect the week of 22 June! We’ll open up reservations for the remainder of the summer this coming Tuesday, 31 May, at 5 p.m. We are also planning to open again on all Saturdays beginning on 25 June; a reminder that we will be open Saturday, 4 June, as planned, too.

Weds., Thursday and Friday will remain the same structure, with reservation service in the taproom from 11:45 to 5 p.m., but continuing to accommodate walk-ins, and our retail bottle shop is open to all from 11:30 – 5. 

The shape of Saturdays from 25 June onward through the end of September will be slightly different than weekdays. Our retail bottle shop will be open during its normal hours, 11:30 – 5, for to-go purchases, and the taproom and the outdoor area will be open from 11:30 to 4 p.m. with no reservation required!

In order to expedite Saturday service in our Taproom and create as smooth and enjoyable experience as possible for both guests and staff, we will offer a draft-only selection on Saturdays of pale ales, IPAs, lagers, and vintage Farmstead® ales, and we’ll take advantage of our new outdoor pouring station (coming soon!).

The goal in creating these two experiences is so that more casual Saturday guests can visit without a reservation and enjoy a slate of draft offerings, while we can continue to provide weekday reservation guests a curated experience that includes an ever-rotating range of vintage bottles in an intimate and minded setting for a small fee, all of which is donated each month to a different local charity.

To-Go Offerings for The Week

Continuing in our series of fruit harvest selections, we’ll offer Gooseberry/Northern Kiwi Harvest 2020 this coming week. This selection features a blend of our Farmstead® ales—all of which rested in oak for more than a year—integrated with gooseberries from Fisher Brothers Farm in Shelburne, Vt., and organic northern kiwi berries from Elmore Roots in nearby Elmore, Vt, and from the 2020 harvest season.⁣ After a year of resting in the bottle, this presents a delicate, complex reflection of a unique combination of native Vermont fruits in season.

Our bottle selection will feature Prolegomena; Self-Reliance: Enigma; Anna: Motueka™; Charlie; and Barrel-Aged Table Dorothy, amongst several others.

Cans for the week include…

  • Mary, our unfiltered German-style lager brewed with organic malted barley
  • Marie, our unfiltered German-style Helles brewed with organic malted barley
  • Walden, our hoppy blond ale with Motueka™, Simcoe®, and Amarillo®
  • Susan, our American IPA brewed with our very own lot of Riwaka; Amarillo®; and hand-selected organically grown Simcoe® from Perrault Farms in Moxee, Wash.
  • Ephraim, our Imperial India Pale Ale with American malted barley and copious volumes of American hops—unfiltered, double dry-hopped, intensely aromatic, and saturated with resinous hop flavor.

Growler Availability

This week in our taproom, we’ll have available several draft beers for takeaway growler fills (no reservations required!): 

  • Edward, American Pale Ale
  • Marie, German-style Helles
  • Mary, German-style Lager
  • Poetica #3, German-style Helles
  • Ephraim, Triple IPA
Kiwi Gooseberry label